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Контрольная №2 Английский язык СПбАУиЭ

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Авторство: Telesammit

Год: 2012 | Страниц: 5

  1. Underline the correct tense

  1. Ann sees Paul putting on his coat and says: Where do you go/are going Paul?
  2. Look at Charles! He had/has had a new haircut.
  3. While I was taking/took pictures someone stole my bag.
  4. He has had/had a car since he was 18.
  5. Look, it rains/has been raining.
  6. They always visit/have been visiting always their parents at Christmas.
  7. Look! The dog eats/is eating your ice-cream.

  1. Complete the interview between a journalist and a famous rich person using the correct form (present simple or present continuous) of the verbs in brackets
  2. Ask questions about the statements.


  1. They are watching television.
  2. We went to New York last month.
  3. I’ve been twice in South America.
  4. This camera costs 10 $.
  5. I’m going to wear an evening dress to the party tonight.


  1. Put the circle around the correct answer.


  1. See you on/at/in Monday.
  2. This/these books is/are
  3. Somebody/anybody has/have been here before us.
  4. He felt bad/worse yesterday than the day before.
  5. I know nothing/anything at all.
  6. Jack is cleverer/cleverest of the three brothers.
  7. Look, I can/am able to swim.
  8. Jim has played/played tennis two times yesterday.
  9. Can you tell me exact/exactly when he will come?
  10. We had to/must go to hospital yesterday.


  1. Read the text about travel arrangements for a group of students. Note down the places and the times only. 


  1. Translate the text in written form. Ask 10 questions to the text.

Существуют строгие различия между финансовым рынком Европы с одной стороны, и Великобритании, с другой. В Британии рынок – это Сити в Лондоне. Это свободный рынок, и он контролирует большинство потоков сбережений для инвестирования. На Континенте только несколько банков или государственных организаций, контролирующих денежный рынок.


  1. Choose the correct form of the verbs.



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